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Who Invented The Refrigerator

who invented the refrigerator
who invented the refrigerator

The answer of who invented the refrigerator is American physician John Gory. Who created a refrigerator based on the design of Oliver Evans in 1844, which used to produce ice to cool the air for yellow fever patients. In 1857, James Harrison invented the first ice making machine for practical food purposes like packing of meat and wine making.

Today we will talk about the History and who invented the refrigerator in this post. Few time ago people used to cultivate only with his hand made tools and his hands were Used to make the utensils and we use handmade utensils to cool the water but with the changing technique, the fridge was invented.

History of refrigerator

The invention of the refrigerator was done so long ago, but it was changed from time to time and it was made of very good quality and today We use refrigerators to prevent food from spoiling because if we keep food inside the refrigerator, then we can eat it for a long time. We are giving you some information about the invention of the refrigerator.

To keep any eatable item for a long time, then the item should be cool and we use the fridge to keep these things cool. Low temperature decreases the fertility rate of the bacteria and then we can eat it for many days.

Refrigerator is a section of ice making, which says that there is only a slight difference between the temperature of the freezer and freezing temperature.

Before the invention of the refrigerator, people used ice houses to keep things cool, but these ice houses were in a cold place or snowy area. In the first place, in 1755, a professor designed the fridge.

But someone Even after this in 1805, Oliver Evans, a U.S. Inventor, told about Closed Vapor Compression Refrigeration which can use to make the ice. But until 1834, no one was showing interest in it.

After this, some other people tried to make the fridge, but the method was the same. But in 1876, Carl Von Linde improved the making fridge, and then he also named the fridge patent.

In 1914 Engineer Nathaniel B. Wales first thought of Electric Refrigeration, which later became the basis for a Calvinator.

Alfred Mellowes invented the Refrigerator with Compressor in 1918. Alfred Mellowes invented this in a commercial way.

In 1918, William C. Durant created the Frigidaire Company, who largely produced the refrigerator. In 1918, the Kelvinator Company created the first automatic control fridge.

Beltzer von Plates and Carl Munteras invented the first Absorption Refrigerator in Bulgaria in 1922. When they were studying in the Royal Institute of Technology It has become a successful Refrigerator throughout the world and also commercialized by Electrolux.

Working of freezer

Refrigeration is a mechanical process that removes the heat from an attached space to reduce its temperature. The machine uses liquid vaporization to absorb heat.

The fluid known as a refrigerant, evaporates at an extraordinarily low temperature producing a cold temperature inside the machine.

The physical concept is that a liquid can vaporize quickly by compression. Extended vapor requires kinetic energy which absorbs it from adjoining areas. Consequently, it loses energy and immediately cools down.

Cooling through accelerated gas expansion is the basis of modern refrigeration.

Modern Refrigerator

A modern refrigerator maintains some degree of temperature, above the freezing point of water. The refrigerator that maintains a low temperature (below the freezing point of water) is known as freezer. The refrigerator has changed the ice box, has occupied a very important place in the kitchen as well as in offices and pharmacies.

Interesting information about the fridge

The world’s largest refrigerator is 27 kilometers long.

In America, 8 Million Fridges sold every year.

In 1980, 80% of the people in the US had a fridge. And in 2005 the figure reached 99.5% and 15% had 2 fridges.

Pennsylvania is a law under which sleeping is unlawful in front of the fridge.


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