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The Most Shining Star Sirius And Its Facts

Shining Star Sirius
Shining Star Sirius

Sirius is a group of two stars which is 8.6 light years away from Earth. The big star of two stars is called Sirius A and the other is called Sirius B. Sirius A has more significance than both stars because it is the brightest star in the earth’s ecosystem.

1. By the night, we see Venus in the sky as brightest, but it is not a star, but a planet. Sirius A is the star after our sun, which is the brightest of us.

2. The picture of the Sirius star system is given above, in which the brightness star is Sirius A, while in the picture there is a little below Sirius B.

3. Sirius A star is so bright that it can be seen in some places of the earth even in the day.

4. The radius of the Sirius A star is 71% more than our sun’s radius and the weight is almost double. (Sirius Star A radius = 1.2 million kilometers, Sun Radius = 6,95,700 kilometers)

5. Sirius B is a white dwarf, that is, it is the star whose whole fuel is finished.

6. Sirius B is slightly smaller than the planet Earth. Its radius is approximately 5,900 kilometers while our earth’s 6,371 km.

7. Even though Sirius B is slightly smaller than our planet in size, its weight is equal to the weight of our sun.

8. Sirius Star Bs gravity is 3,50,000 times more than the Earth’s gravity. That is, what is weighing 3 grams on Earth, weighing 1,000kg on Sirius B?

9. The nearest white dwarf star of Earth is Sirius B itself.

10. Sirius B makes a round around the orbital orbit around his big companion.

11. The surface temperature of the Sirius A star is approximately 10,000 ° C and the surface temperature of B is 25,000 ° C. That is, the temperature of the surface of the large star is almost double the surface of our sun and about five times the smaller.

12. Sirius Stars are also known as ‘Dog Star’. In Hindi, it is called a mercurial star.

13. The word ‘Sirius’ comes from a Greek word that is used for ‘shine’.

14. In ancient India, this star was known as ‘Hivagavad’, which means ‘hunter of the hunter’. This is a symbol of the Rudra form of Lord Shiva.

15. The Egyptians also knew about this star 4 thousand years ago.

16. One thing worth remembering is that as many ancient civilizations were aware of this star, it was Sirius A, B no. Because B is not impossible to see the star without the modern astronomical telescope.

17. The Sirius star system is coming closer to our solar system, which will increase its brightness in the next 60 thousand years. But after this it will start moving away from our solar system and its brightness will start to fall apart. Despite this, for the next 2,10,000 years, it will remain the brightest star in the earth’s sky.

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