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Smallest Bird In The World The Bee Hummingbird

bee hummingbird
bee hummingbird

Hi, if you searching for the smallest bird in the world then you are at right place in this article im gonna tell you everything about the smallest bird in the world.

smallest bird in the world

The smallest bird in the world is bee hummingbird (Mellisuga helenae) which is found in Cuba and its near islands.

Males measure 57 mm or 5.7 cm or 2.24 inch in total length with weight 1.6g.

The females are slightly larger, they are 61 mm or 6.1 cm or 2.4 inch with weight close to 2.6g.

Males have greenish pileum and bright red throats, iridescent gorget with elongated lateral plumes, blue in upper parts and rest is mostly greyish white.

The female is green above, white below, with white tips to the outer tail feathers.

they are bluish green with a pale gray underside.bee hummingbird look round and thick.

The female lays only two eggs at a time, each is about the size of a coffee bean.

bee hummingbird lifespan

The bee hummingbirds livespan is up to 7 years in the wild, and for 10 years in captivity.

bee hummingbird diet

The bee hummingbird is primarily a herbivore (nectar), which mostly eat nectar (honey) from various flowers. However they also eat insects. in a typical day, bee hummingbirds will consume up to half their body weight in food.

bee hummingbird habitat

bee hummingbird live at both low and high altitudes, in dense forests, along woodland edges, swampy areas, mountain valleys and also in the manmade gardens.


The bee hummingbird is endemic to Cuba, including main island of cuba and on neighboring Isla de la Juventud in the west indies.

bee hummingbird nest

bee hummingbird nest
bee hummingbird nest

Using bits of cobwebs, bark, and lichen, the female builds a cup-shaped nest that is approximately 2.5 cm (0.98 in) in diameter. The nests are built on single fabric pieces. she builds a nest with soft plant fibers.

bee hummingbird egg size

bee hummingbird lays eggs that is of only 0.0009 ounces or 0.0255 gram and measure 6.98 mm or 0.275 inches long.

How they attract Females

Bee hummingbirds are usually solitary, but males came together during the breeding season (March – June) in groups called leks.

Once in a lek, males perform and sing to attract the females, who will have mate with the males they are most impressed by.

They are polygamous, so a male can mate with multiple females during the breeding season, and the females are solely responsible for the young.

The babies are born blind and without feathers, but they leave the nest approximately 18–24 days after hatching, once their feathers have fully formed wings.

Some Interesting Facts

1. In spite of being so tiny, in general the bee hummingbirds are capable of beating their wings about 80 times in a second.

2. During the courtship display, the number of wing beats can increase up to 200 times per second.

3. Bee hummingbirds are capable of flying at a speeds of 25–30 mph.

4. Breathing speed is very high in this species. A resting bee hummingbird takes about 250 breaths per minute.

5. They have the second fastest heart rate recorded in any animal which is up to 1200 times per minute.

6. This small one can fly for twenty hours without a break.

7. Bee hummingbirds love and prefer nectar with 15–30% sucrose concentration.

8. Birds spend 15 percent of their time on food.

9. The digestive system is very strong in this species. Each day, a single one can consume up to half of his body mass in food and 8 times his body mass in water.

10. Bee hummingbirds are also known as “Zunzuncito” and “Helena hummingbird”.

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