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IPhone Vs Android difference between both the Phone


IPhone Vs Android difference between both the Phone

In this post, I’m gonna tell you about the difference between iPhone and Android. And some feature and also who better in which feature



Data Security

The first thing to talk about in which no other phone can beat the iPhone. Friends, if you do a very important job with your smartphone and you want your data to be lost, you have purchased the iPhone, its security is such that No one can break the fast as other smartphones are hacked and their data is taken out but can not do this on the iPhone.


The iPhone is such a big company that it does not leave any shortfall in its smartphone, and if you do optimization, then tell you that Apple itself designs the hardware of the iPhone, to which the company knows What is the feature and what is the software inside the smartphone. Which allows the company to work on everything from the smartphone and the software and hardware.

Now you know that there is very little modal market on the iPhone because Apple has launched a very low modal market on the iPhone so that it can work well on it and Android can do it, then Android is very different from this. It’s Google’s Android that Google has made for Android, but Google did not make any Android device like Android’s iOS. This is a number of different modes of different smartphone companies.

App Quality And Availability

In the iPhone store, you will not get as much as Android, but the quality of the iPhone application is better than an¬†Android’s app. And tell you that there are many such apps that offer more features in the iPhone than Android. Now if you do anything else in Android’s Play Store, you will get lots of apps in the¬†Android’s Play Store but not as good as the iPhone’s quality.

Software Updates

Talking about software updates, the iPhone or Android keeps coming in time and both companies launch new software every year, but if the iPhone’s models are low, then it gives quick updates and gives good features on updates and Android’s If the model is too much, it puts time in updates, and can not even feature more and when updates are made in the iPhone than all the phones are updated together. Old ones all get an update together, but if something else is done by Android, then some models get updates quickly and in some models it takes a lot of time to update. It does not even know if the update will come when the iPhone Very good in terms of updates.




Android is very good in the case of customization because we can make some changes in Android, according to our own: change the theme according to your own, change the wallpaper, from Icons to one place Can replace the launcher, change the lock screen, but all these things we cannot do on the iPhone can do some of these things like Icons from one place to another Can keep Icons from one place to another, but cannot customize the iPhone like Android directly.


If you go to pick up any Android phone in the market, you will find many different designs, you can take any design of your choice but if you take an iPhone then you will get almost the same design you do not want to get the design you want. So if you want a different design then you buy Android.


It means to do two things together. You can work more than one at the end of the Android phone. You get the option of an internal multi window, but you can not do the same thing on the iPhone.

File Sharing

Talking about file sharing, you have the choice of Android file sharing. You can also take and send any data from Android phone and if you share it like third party app, or file transfer from any such file transfers app But you cannot do it on the iPhone, you can easily file Share with one app from one app to another within the phone. So sharing the options in any way, it is much better in an Android phone if any iPhone is kept equal.


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