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Interesting Facts About Internet


The internet is very important to us in daily life. Because the Internet has become the need of today’s era. So there are some interesting facts.


1. First of all, the first website of the Internet was launched on August 6, 1991.

2. The Internet invention was done in 1969 by the DD Department of Defense.

3. In 1979, Internet’s first network was built in the British Post Office.

4. We can open only 5% of the Web site, 95% of the website is such that we cannot open it from the Normal Browser or search by searching on the Internet.

5. The first registered domain on the Internet is .com

6. The first website on the Internet started on August 6, 1991. Whose name was. “Info.Cern.Ch”

7. Only 40% of people in the world use the Internet.

8. About 25 crore (20%) of India’s 125 crore population use the Internet.

9. There are more than 800 million websites on the internet.

10. There are more than 360 million blogs on the internet.

11. More than 5000 new domains on internet register every hour and 45 million every year.

12. In China, people suffering from the bad addiction of the Internet are treated. It is taken as a mental illness.

13. There are 30 thousand website hacks every day around the world.

14. Preparing to provide a high-speed internet facility on Mount Everest.

15. Massive traffic is not by humans, but companies like Google use large chunks of Internet traffic.

16. Researchers are planning to recognize Internet addiction as a mental illness.

17. 9 million adult populations of Britain have never used Internet.

18. The slowest Internet in South-East Asian countries is in the Philippines. Here, the internet is available with just 54 Mbps speed.

19. There was not a single website before 1991.

20. Since 1991, more than 100 million websites have been registered on the internet today and their number is increasing steadily.

21. About 24,00,000 e-mails are sent in Internet every second.

22. About 2,50,000 messages are sent on WhatsApp every second.

23. About 100,000 videos are watched on YouTube in a second.

24. The first video on YouTube was uploaded on 23 April 2005 by Javed Kareem as “Me At Zoo”.

25. YouTube has been made by Javed Karim.

26. The most viewed video on YouTube is “Gangnam Style” which has so far seen 2,573,367,187 views.

27. The most viewed video on YouTube is Charlie Bit My Finger – Again. This is a video without the music.

28. More than 60,000 searches are conducted on Google in every second.

29. More than 50,000 likes are added to Facebook every second.

30. In 2005 there were 5 million users on Facebook.

31. About 10,000 tweets are being done on Twitter every second.

32. About 2000 photos are uploaded to Instagram every second.

33. About 1900 Skype calls are made in each second.

34. The first email on the Internet 1971 was sent by Ray Tomlinson.

35. 204 million e-mails are sent every minute.

36. 70 percent of all email messages are spam.

37. There is more than 37% porn website on the internet.

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