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15 Interesting Facts About Adidas

interesting facts about adidas

The Adidas Company was started by two brothers, whose name was Adolf Dassler, Rudolf Dassler.

The name of the company was named after Adolf Dassler because it was the youngest of both brothers and the Idea of this company was also about these.

Adidas Company, founded in 1948, but due to a bomb explosion in 1943, Adolf and his elder brother Rudolf had a difference.

due to this, sometime after the establishment of Adidas, their elder brother left the Adidas Company.


1. Adidas is Germany & Europe’s largest sportswear manufacturer, but it has the second place in the world. You know what company is in the first place, Nike Company.

2. Adidas is the parent company of many other companies such as Reebok, Taylor Made and Rockport Company.

3. Adidas Brand was named after Adolf Dassler, which is a short version of All Day I Dream About Sport.

4. Puma, which is a huge brand, is Adidas’s big brother’s company.

5. After the division of the Adidas Company, Puma became the company and it is Adidas’s biggest competitor company.

6. The main focus of Adidas is the Kendrite on Football Kit and its related ventures.

7. Adidas is the only company that supplies Team Kit for International Football Teams and Clubs (which includes Bayern Munich).

8. Adidas also believes in the consumer primacy like other companies.

9. Adolf and Rudolf were never made in both brothers, but after the death, they were buried in the same graveyard.

10. Adidas spent 70 million euros in 2008, in the Summer Olympics held in Beijing city of china.

11. Adidas was not the real name of this brand, in 1924 Adi Dassler started it with Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik. Which became Adidas in 1948.

12. The first design of Adidas Shoe was for steep climbing venues.

13. Adidas Company was bankrupt in the 90’s.

14. Adidas Superstar was a very popular shoe in the 90s.

15. Adidas’s Tubular Technology is inspired by a Car Tire.


16. The current leader of the football market is considered to be Adidas.

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