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Interesting And Amazing Facts About The Sun


A star is located in the center of the Solar System, around which the Earth and other components of the Solar System revolve. Sun is the largest body of our Solar System. If this burning gaseous material is seen from a telescope, then it is seen that small spots are displayed on its surface. These are called solar stigma. These stigmas are seen moving from their places.

The sun is very important to us. We get energy from the sun itself, as well as getting light and heat. Because of the Sun, this land is a pleasant place to live. When the sun is not there, this earth becomes a very cold and dark place. Because of the sun, life is on the earth.


1. The Arctic Circle is also called the middle of the night. The sun does not keep going for around 76 days between May and July.

2. Iceland is the largest island in Europe after Great Britain. Here you can also enjoy the sunlight at night. From May 10, the sun does not sink.

3. Canada is the second largest country in the world which is covered by snow for a long time. But here in the northwestern part of the country, the sun continues to shine for 50 days in summer days.

4. In Alaska between May and July the sun does not sink. It is very enjoyable to see the snow shining in the night from May to July.

5. Even in Finland, the sun shines its light for about 73 days.

6. The Sun’s rays shining 150 billion kilometers away during the solar eclipse are so intense on the earth that you can feel their heat.

7. Scientists believe that due to this, seeing the sun eclipse with the naked eyes, you can damage your eyes.

8. Galileo and Fabrizius were the only black spots seen in the sun.

9. The number of rotations running from July 23 to August 20, 2009 is 2086. Or in other words, from November 9, 1853 Suraj has rotated on its axis 2086 times.

10. Scientists have recorded the brightest sun (solar prajwal) in more than 12 years. This is the eighth fastest brightness since the start of the modern record in 1996.

11. Every second in the center of the Sun turn 700 in the helium due to hydrogen nuclei fragmentation.

12. The power generated due to hydrogen nuclei fragmentation is called a photon. This makes the sunlight light.

13. The hydrogen of the Sun will take 5 billion years to finish.

14. Sunlight is formed in the center of the sun.

15. The photocopied photon in the center of the sun rotates inside the Sun for many thousands and millions of years.

16. The gravitational force of the Sun is so powerful that the Pluto Planet is located in its class, located 6 billion miles away.

17. Sun is the main source of life on earth. Every kind of power exists on earth from the sun itself.

18. More than 800 billion neutron left of the sun pass through our body only in 1 seconds.

19. Scientists believe that the Sun’s origin was about 4.6 billion years ago.

20. All planets and things in the solar system rotate around the sun.


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