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History Of Computers

History Of Computers
History Of Computers

People in calculations was the abacus that is used some years after its creation. Blaise Pascal invented an adding machine based on gears the cogs on the wheels represented numbers. Charles Babbage, an Englishman, invented in that the 1830’s a Difference Engine made from pewter and brass rods and gears, and designed a device he called a Analytical Engine. His design contained the 5 key characteristics of modern computers: . A input device – Storage for numbers must be processed – A chip or amount calculator – A unit to command the job and the arrangement of its calculations – An output – Augusta Ada Byron was a member of Babbage who became famous as the first computer programmer.

An American, Herman Hollerith, developed the first electrically driven device. This machine has been able to finish the calculation of the 1890 U.S. Registration in about a month and a half contrasted and 7 1\/2 years for the 1880 evaluation which was physically tallied. In 1936 Thomas Watson of IBM persuaded to invest one million dollars in the growth of a variant of Babbage’s analytical engine. The Harvard University Mark 1 has been 55 legs long and 8 legs high and was completed in 1944. At about the same time John Atanasoff of Iowa State University along with his assistant Clifford Berry built that the first computer which worked the ABC.

This machine was essentially a small calculator. In 1943, as part of that the British war effort, a series of vacuum tube based computers had been developed to crack German secret codes. The Colossus Mark 2 series consisted of 2400 vacuum tubes. John Mauchly and J. Presper Eckert of that the University of Pennsylvania developed these ideas further by suggesting a big machine consisting of 18, 000 vacuum tubes. ENIAC was born in 1946. Maintenance was extremely difficult since the tubes broke down on a regular basis along with had to be replaced, along with also there was a huge problem with overheating.

The most crucial limitation, however, was that each time a brand new task required to be performed that the machine need to be rewired. This allowed programs to be read to that the computer and so gave birth to that the age of general purpose computers. The Generations of Computer – It used to be quite popular to refer to computers as belonging to one among several generations of computer. This happened in 1951 with that the delivery of that the UNIVAC into the US Bureau of the Census. This generation continued until about the end of the 1950’s.

Know a days computers are improving and their performance is upgrading and going high and they will be the king of the market and also new new computers are launching very fast and also by upgrading their technology and the technology soon will be on another level that’s all in this article thanks for reading it and also use computers for your benefits and do not harm anyone by this technology help others and  thank you very much for giving your important time to this article for reading it and i hope you know something new.


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