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Difference Between LED and LCD


Difference Between LED and LCD

In this post, I’m going to tell you about the difference between LED and LCD. And how they are made.


LED (Light Emitting Diode)

LED TV picture quality is strong and its life is also high. Because LEDs, or light-emitting diode screens, have been used with their own LCD technology, but there is a difference that these bulbs are slightly smaller than those that are lit by light-emitting diodes instead of being published with fluorescent bulbs. But they are more capable of fluorescent bulbs.

The LED screen is often much slimmer than the LCD screen, it consumes less energy and their panels are slimmer than the LCD and its brighter display and It has a better contrast: LED is of two types, a direct LED and the second edge-lit LEG. Direct LED means brightness i.e. Illumination and darkness, i.e. To get more great ways to help you to display on the screen.

Edge-lit LEDs are published with the help of small diodes present on the edges of the screen. And they are lite on the Direct LED model, with the use of the cold cathode technique, and the lid technology is being used in addition to TVs in notebooks, mobile phones, DVD players and video games, etc. A little more.

LCD (Liquid-Crystal Display)

LCD, or liquid crystal display, has a flat-panel display television, and it was created by George H. Heilmeier, who was an electric engineer, in 1960 he tried to make a screen display by making some changes to the TV in which the crystal was used and The screen display is produced and thin and light LCD television cathode ray tube (CRT i.e. TV) and less light than TV It is good screen and it uses light-modulating properties of liquid crystal to allow screen light to stop or pass it.

Each of them creates a tiny piece of crystal image and together creates a very clear image. And the crystal is usually called pixels, changing the color and transparency of this image by reducing or increasing the electrical current.

It consumes less electricity than normal screen if and when the pixels get stuck between the screen layers or they come in, then they make a black spot on your screen which is impossible to remove. And the risk of breaking them is also high, usually about the screen is propagated that it is “strong” with plasma television. But the LCD screen is not unbreakable In the LCD display, the red, green and blue color is used; LCD is used in the Monitor, TV, panel of devices as well as in many devices used in common life, but their price is slightly higher.


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