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Biggest Bird In The World

Biggest Bird In The World

Hi, if you are searching for the biggest bird in the world then you are at right place in this article i am gonna tell everything about the biggest bird in the world.

The biggest bird in the world is ostrich or common ostrich (Struthio camelus) they are found in Africa.

Thier usual weight is from 63 to 145 kilograms which is approximatly equal to two adult humans.

Male ostriches can range in height from 2.1 to 2.8 m (6 ft 11 to 9 ft 2 in), while female ostriches range from 1.7 to 2.0 m (5 ft 7 in to 6 ft 7 in).

Ostrich has large, powerful legs. so they can reach the speed of 70 km / h (43 mph) and its steps can be 3 to 5 m (9.8 to 16.4 ft) long while running.

Common Ostrich Subspecies

North African ostrich or the red-necked ostrich: They lives in North Africa and the neck is pinkish-red.

In males the feathers are Black and White while in female they are grey.

South African ostrich or the black-necked ostrich: they lives in South Africa. They are the biggest of all ostriches.

Their skin is gray and blue on the neck and it turns red during the mating season.

Arabian ostrich, Syrian ostrich, Middle Eastern ostrich: They became extinct in 1966.

the Masai ostrich, pink-necked ostrich or East African ostrich: they lives in eastern Kenya and Tanzania.

Their neck is red only during the mating season and for the rest of the year, it is bright pink.

the Somali ostrich, the blue-necked ostrich

Brief information and size of ostrich

Female: 1.7 – 2.0 m (5 ft 7 in – 6 ft 7 in)
Men: 2.1 – 2.8 m (6 ft 11 in – 9 ft 2 in)

The length of the beak: 10.4 cm

The length of the skull: 17.9 cm

Weight: 63 – 145 kg and max 156.8 kg

Age: 40 – 45 years (the record age was 75 years)

Speed: 50 km/h on longer distances; 70 km/h (43 mph)

The length of the step while running: 3 – 5 m

The heaviest ostrich’s egg: 2.589kg

The smallest ostrich: 127 cm high

At the age of one year, a normal ostrich weighs is about 45 kg.

Ostrich Habitat

The ostrich live in sandy and arid habitats, particularly in a open country. Common environments for these birds include woodlands, deserts, savannas, semicircles, plains, dry grasslands, and shrubs.

These birds are also prevalent in those environments where trees are less.

Ostrichs often bath and swim, and usually live in areas that are not far from reliable bodies of water.

Food Sources for ostrich

Ostrich are omnivorous birds that consume the mixture of meat and plants which is made by them only.

Some common elements of the ostrich diet are fallen fruits, seeds, shrubs, seedlings, gourd, dried and hard leaves, roots, plants, frogs, turtles, small lizards and also insects like grasshoppers.

Some time ostrich eats rotting bodies which are killed by other animals.

They manage their hydration through plants consumption. Due to that, ostrich can live for an extended time without drinking water.

How do ostriches sleep?

Ostriches sleep like platypuses. they sleeps in two diffent types:

The first is known as slow wave sleep or SWS, where ostrich brain waves are slow and strong.

Although it is commonly known as deep sleep, where the birds looks alert.

They stay still, but their eyes are open and their necks are straight.

The second is known as rapid eye movement or REM sleep, where the brain waves of ostriches are fast and weaker.

Birds close their eyes, which move rapidly behind closed eyelids.

They also begin to move and drop the neck, correcting themselves with awkward jerks such as people sleeping on one thing.

How do ostriches communicate?

Ostrich communication is rather limited because they are quite independent animals. but they mainly whistle, growl, or bounce.

In general, most ostrich are rather silent. but during the mating season Communication increases when males are competing and trying to impress females.

How smart is an ostrich?

The ostrich’s brain is as big as a walnut and smaller than its eyes. They are not particularly intelligent, but due to largest eyeball, they can see up to 2.2 miles (3.5 km).

Some interseting information about ostrich

They has a very good vision as well as a long neck, which acts as a periscope.

These features make it possible for the bird to notice predators crawling from very long distances.

When an ostrich grazes peacefully, a species is always a protector. When their is a suspicious movement, they alerts other members of the herd using its resonant voice.

Ostrichs are not vulnerable in direct combat with hunters. They have long and very strong muscular legs with sharp-clawed toes at the end and also They are very fast runners and usually young or sick animals got hunted by the predators.

Can ostriches kill you?

The powerful, long legs of an ostrich can travel 10 to 16 feet in a stride. These legs can also be formidable weapons. Ostrich can kill a potential predator such as a human. Each two-legged foot has a long, sharp claw.

Can ostriches kill lions?

Yes, an ostrich can kill a lion, because it has a long powerful legs. Each ostrich has a long nail or claw at the end of both of its big toes that can kick a lion very fast.

Some Intersesting Facts

1. The ostrich’s eye diameter is 5 cm (2 inch) – these are the largest eyes of all land animals.

2. The male mainly lays eggs. They also take care of the children until they become self-sufficient.

3. Half of the height of an ostrich is its neck.

4. Although ostriches do not fly, they have long quills on their wings. which help the birds stay balanced while running fast.

5. During the mating season, the male turns his head as a corkscrew.

6. Ostrichs live in nomadic groups of 5 to 50 birds.

7. The very long lash protects the ostrich against dust and sand storms.

i hope you like the article and now you know everything about the biggest bird in the world.

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