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40 Interesting And Amazing Facts About Heart


The important organ of our body is the heart. It keeps on working 24 hours without any rest. But due to our poor lifestyle and wrong diet, it can also be sick. Heart disease and heart blockage can be a problem due to heart disease.


1. The first heart transplant to use a lifeless heart was made by physicians in Australia in October 2014.

2. According to scientific data, the occurrence of heart attack occurs mostly on Monday morning. The reason for this is that after Sunday’s holiday, there is a stress of work on Monday.

3. The heart of a newborn is equal to its closed fist.

4. Most people in America die from heart disease.

5. The Heart Attack mostly comes on Christmas Day.

6. Women’s heart beats more quickly than men.

7. An adult person has approximately 5 liters of blood in his body.

8. Newborn infants have only one cup of blood compared to an adult.

9. Our heart produces so much energy in one day, so that a truck can be pulled up to about 32 kilometers.

10. The number of carnivorous people who die of heart diseases is 19 percent higher than vegetarians.

11. Prior to the invention of a stethoscope, the heart of the doctor to check the heartbeat had its ears attached to the patient’s chest.

12. The risk of heart attack is 200-300 percent higher than those who smoke.

13. By eating chocolate, the risk of heart disease is decreased.

14. There is so much energy in the whole life of the human being that this energy can go to the moon.

15. The smallest heart of animals is ‘Fairy Fly’.

16. The total length of the heart of the Fairy Fly is just 0.02 Centimeter.

17. People eating vitamin pills increase the risk of heart diseases and cancer.

18. The heart of Malaysia’s “Etruscan Shrew” heart beats faster.

19. The heart of the Etruscan Shrew ” beats 1511 times per minute.

20. The squirrel-like creature found in North America “Heart of the Hibernating Groundhog” is the lowest beating at 5 times in just one minute.

21. The biggest heart of the world is Blue Whale.

22. The heart of the blue whale is equal to the whole of a car and the weight of the heart is approximately 590 kg.

23. The octopus has 3 hearts.

24. The dog’s heart is the largest in the eyes of the body.

25. The heart of the “Python” becomes big when eating food.

26. Even after separating from the body, if the heart receives enough oxygen, it will still beat.

27. Our heart pumps approximately 1.5 million barrels of blood throughout its lifetime. This means that 1.5 million barrels of blood can fill 100 swimming pools.

28. If the heart of the human body pumps blood out of the body, then it can go up to 30 meters high.

29. It takes up to 6 seconds for blood to reach the lungs.

30. In 16 to 18 seconds blood transfusions into the entire body and comes back to the heart. This process continues continuously.

31. The two upper parts of the heart have four functions to send and withdraw blood in the body.

32. The heart is the most functioning organs in the rest of the body. The heart is also known by hard working organ.

33. The left lung of the human body is smaller in size than the right lung. The reason for this is that he has to give the place of the heart.

34. Cocaine drugs may be beating for around 25 minutes, even after the person’s addiction is removed from the body outside the body.

35. From the 1250s, the “Heart Symbol” is being used to express love. But no one knows what is being used because of the “Heart Symbol”.

36. The reason for the death of 712 people out of 1 lakh every year in “Turkmenistan” is only due to heart diseases.

37. In 1903, “Willem Einthoven” invented the machine of measuring the heart’s Electric Current (ECG).

38. The first successful heart surgery in the world happened in 1893.

39. In 1950 the first successful artificial valve was installed.

40. For the first time in 1967, the heart of one person was imposed on another person, but that person could only survive for 18 days.


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