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35 Interesting Facts Of Hemoglobin


Hemoglobin is a protein located in the blood. Due to this protein, oxygen is transmitted throughout the body. It is very important to have a certain amount of blood in any healthy body. Because, due to the lack of blood in the body, invites many other diseases.

1. The first transfusion of blood was done today on 15 June, 1667, 350 years ago.

2. The first transfer of blood was done between two dogs.

3. The amount of blood in the human body is 7% of the total weight. There is 250 million cells in one drop of blood.

4. The blood in the veins of our body runs at a speed of 400 kilometers per hour.

5. The blood in our body covers the distance of approximately 96,500 km throughout the day.

6. If you do not get blood at the right time, coconut water can be placed in place of blood plasma in the compulsion.

7. Such an American soldier had lost coconut water in place of blood plasma after being lost in the jungle.

8. A newborn baby contains only 250ml of blood.

9. An adult can have approximately 5 liters of blood.

10. After death, the body part which is closest to the earth, blood flow is also on the same side.

11. Blood is accumulated after bleeding, such is the act of gravitational to the Earth.

12. Blood donation should not be done only to pregnant women and lactating women.

13. Our body contains about 2 milligrams of gold and its maximum amount is found only in our blood.

14. Japan estimates the personality of people in the country through blood group only.

15. The person named James Harrison has donated 1,000 times in the past 60 years.

16. The blood given by James Harrison, has left the life of nearly two million people.

17. All creatures’ blood is red in the whole world, but there is a light blue color in spider and a snail.

18. Our blood is much more expensive than the black ink of HP printer.

19. It is impossible to urinate and give blood at the same time.

20. It is very easy to see our white blood cell, like many times when we look towards the sky, the dots start to look slightly white-white in front of our eyes. This is our White Blood Cells.

21. Every 3 seconds, anyone in India needs blood.

22. Every day around 40,000 units of blood are needed in the whole world.

23. 1 in 3 people need blood sometime in life.

24. The world’s first Blood Bank was built in 1937.

25. In our body, 70% of blood is present in the Hemoglobin present inside the Red Blood Cell, in the protein of mycobozone 4% of the muscle, 25% are in the liver, bone marrow, spleen and kidney.

26. The remaining 1% of the body is in the blood fraction of the plasma and the enzymes of the cells.

27. If the human heart pumps blood out of the body, then it can bounce 30 feet above the blood.

28. Human’s blood is only of 4 kinds O, A, B, AB.

29. There are about 800 species of cows, 13 in dogs, and 11 types of blood groups are found in the cows.

30. 12 million mosquitoes can simultaneously suck the blood of a person’s body.

31. Mosquito “O” likes to suck the blood of the group.

32. Only female mosquitoes suck blood, and spread malaria.

33. The female mosquito can drink 3 times more blood than its weight.

34. The Brazilian country is a tribal group Bororoua, interestingly all blood groups of this group of people of this group are “O”.

35. The scientist has not yet made artificial blood.


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