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30 Interesting Facts About The Earth


The earth is our living world. If we all live on earth, surely there are many things that we do not know about the earth. Among the planets that scientists have searched so far in the universe, only the Earth is the only planet on which life is possible.

But scientists have never denied that there will be no life on another planet, but scientists believe that perhaps they are not yet accessible to them.


1. One year of the earth occurs not in 365 days, but in 365.2564 days. This is the reason that in every fourth year in February one day more add.

2. According to the general belief, one day of the earth is completed in 24 hours, but the truth is that one day of the Earth is completed in 23 hours 56 minutes and 4 seconds.

3. The reason for speaking Earth to a blue planet is the water on Earth, which is blue when viewed from space.

4. The largest of the earth has a mantle, it is about 2970 kilometers thick.

5. The earth is a plant whose name is named after the Greek and Roman deities.

6. One-third of the Earth part is partly desert.

7. Queen of Britain is the legal owner of the sixth part of the Earth’s surface.

8. In the entire solar system, the solar eclipse occurs only on the Earth.

9. It is believed that the existence of life on earth would have come about 150-200 million years ago.

10. The earth is leaning at 66 degrees.

11. It will take only 42 minutes to make a tunnel within the earth, but the time taken to cross an airplane will be different.

12. There is not even a single spoon on the earth as much as the creatures in the soil.

13. In the last 40 years on Earth, 40% of the wild organisms have disappeared.

14. There are 13 million Earths inside the Sun.

15. We are moving around the sun at the speed of 107,182 kilometers per hour while sitting on the earth.

16. On earth, on an average, every 5 lakhs of earthquakes occur every day. But only one lakh earthquakes are felt.

17. If the earth did not have the moon, then only one hour of earth was only 6 hours.

18. Atakama Desert of the Earth is the only place where there has never been rains.

19. The coldest place in the world is Antarctica, the temperature here is -93.2 degrees.

20. Due to pollution the temperature of the Earth has increased by 1.5 F which is very fatal for us and our earth.

21. The height of Mount Everest is 8850 meters above sea level. But if you see the distance of space from the center of the Earth, then the highest mountain Mount Chimborazo in Ecuador. Its height is 6310 meters.

22. Due to some type of leakage, 36 million gallons of water is wasted daily.

23. 40% of the world’s deaths due to pollution are water, air and soil.

24. Every year 70 million deaths are due to air pollution alone.

25. Almost every day around 1 billion people do not get enough drinking water.

26. 2 billion people crave clean water all over the world.

27. According to the scientists, by the year 2050, about 9 billion people will be living without water or under water.

28. The earth is mainly composed of three layers, and the last lower layer is made of iron and nickel metal.

29. Radioactive dating and many research have shown that the age of the Earth is about 54 billion years old.

30. There is a layer of ozone layer all around the earth, due to which harmful UV rays coming out of the sun cannot reach the earth.


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