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30 Interesting Facts About Television

interesting facts about television

In today’s time, everyone has a television. In some houses, there is more than one Television. in this post, I will tell you some interesting facts about television.

And after the facts, there are some questions related to television which will give you the knowledge about television and its history.


1. On December 17, 1996, the UN Assembly decided that 21 November, World Television Day will be celebrated.

2. Television word is derived from the words of the ancient Greek language.

3. Television was fully experimental in the 1920s, but it became very popular after World War II.

4. In 1969 the “Apollo 11” program of the program was broadcast for the first time on Television, and around 60 million people across the world saw this broadcast.

5. Television was invented by John Logie Baird, an engineer in Scotland in 1925.

6. It took 25 years to reach Television between the people and by 1950 the Television started to be preferred among the common people.

7. In 1830 Thomas Alva Edison and Graham Bell were first shown by Voice and Photo Transfer.

8. The word television came into existence in the year 1907 and it was added to the dictionary.

9. 200 Television Set used to be used all over the world till 1936, but at that time 12 Inch’s Television Screen used to have large appliances.

10. Color Television was shown on July 3, 1928, by the Broadcast Experimental, but in 1953 only Color Television could be started in America.

Are you enjoying the interesting facts about television?

11. Television’s First Remote Control was created in 1956 by ‘Robert Adler’.

12. After Television on almost all of 1967, almost all Programs were started coloring.

13. The Television’s screen was made bigger around 1973, but Television was even more weighty than before.

14. In the Golden Time of 1980, VCR and Games started coming along with Television. It further enhanced the popularity of Television. Television’s popularity continued to rise after the release of Remote Television.

15. The experiment was also being done in 1990 with LCD Television and Plasma Technology.

16. Various changes were made after the television in 1990. Television’s Size and Quality made even better

17. Short Form of Television, T.V. This word was first used in 1948.

18. In 1997, a monkey in Africa was arrested for stealing Television Antenna.

19. In 2013, there was around 87% of LCD Television Sales in the whole Word.

20. The world’s largest Plasma Television, which is approximately 103 inches, is made by Panasonic Company.

21. The world’s largest Television, made by British Company Titan, has its size of 370 Inches.

22. The World’s Most Expensive Prestige HD Television Set is the Supreme Rose Edition. The price of this Television is Rs 13.399 crores.

23. In the first Television Set 1942, John Logie Baird was created by driving motorcycles with tin boxes, boxes, cards, sewing needles, and electric fans.

24. After 2000, instead of using VCD, DVD players are being used. Many commercial channels came and the nature of Television changed. Now the Television Idiot Box has become a Smart TV.

25. After the year 2000, Smart Television is now ready. It is not only used for entertainment, but also for computing and connectivity.

26. Television Broadcasting in India was started from Delhi on September 15, 1959.

27. Television services were extended up to 1972 only for Amritsar and Mumbai. Television service was started in only seven cities of India till 1975.

28. In India, Television Broadcasting was separated from All India Radio in 1976.

29. Color Television and National Coverage were started in India in 1982.

30. India’s first Hindi private entertainment channel was Zee TV. Broadcasting was done on 2 October 1992.

Questions Asked By The People

1. When Was The First Television Invented?

The first television was invented in 1927 by Philo Taylor Farnsworth which was only 21 years old.

2. Why Was The Television Invented?

Philo Taylor Farnsworth invented the television because he wants to transmit the visual images.

3. Where Was The Television Invented?

San Francisco

Final Words

I hope you enjoyed the interesting facts about Television. If you like it then share it with your friends, in groups, etc and comment your views.

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