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30 Interesting And Amazing Facts About Dolphins


The dolphin is counted among the most beautiful living organisms living in the clear water rivers. Dolphin’s long face makes her beautiful and beautiful. The dolphin is a very intelligent creature. I know some interesting facts about dolphins.


1. Dolphins are a mammal, it is not a fish.

2. Dolphins do not drink salt water, because drinking the sea water, these dolphins become ill and may die.

3. There are 41 surviving species of Dolphins all over the world. These dolphins are found at 37 sea and 5 rivers in clean water.

4. Dolphins only supplies water from its food.

5. Dolphins themselves do not breathe themselves.

6. From sleep also, a part of the dolphin’s brain wakes up to breathe.

7. The dolphin is found in the river Ganges in India, but the dolphin present in the river Ganges is now on the verge of extinction.

8. Dolphins can go up to 990 feet in water and can jump up to 20 feet above water. This height is equal to two-storey building.

9. When dolphins are ill, they come to the edge of the ocean to avoid drowning.

10. Dolphins can stay in the water for only a few minutes, after which the dolphins have to come to the surface to breathe.

11. One of the key features of dolphins is that it removes the sound of the vibrations that come back to the dolphin by crushing anything. From this Dolphin realizes how big and how close the victim is.

12. Dolphin speaks to each other through voice and whistles.

13. The world’s largest Dolphins are 9,000 kg, but the smallest dolphins are only 40 kg.

14. Dolphin’s residence is the sea and the rivers of the world.

15. Dolphins have a gestation of 10 months and a few days before delivery a group of female dolphins cares for pregnant dolphins.

16. Dolphins do not have to be alone, so dolphins live in groups of 10 to 12.

17. Do not try to send the dolphins found on the beach back into water again. It can die from it.

18. Dolphins have the longest memory power.

19. Dolphins are about 15 years old, but some Dolphin species live for 50 years.

20. Dolphins can hear humans 10 times more, but they do not have any sense of smell.

21. The world’s longest dolphins are 32 feet and the smallest dolphins are 4 feet.

22. While dolphins have teeth, it never chews their food, but rather swallows directly.

23. Dolphins like to see themselves in the chisels and they can even recognize themselves in the glass.

24. The US Navy has kept 75 trained dolphins with them, because the Dolphins help in finding water mines and enemy swimmers.

25. Dolphins sleep by opening an eye.

26. Dolphins float at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour. But humans can only swim at a speed of 8.6 kilometers per hour.

27. When the children of dolphins are born, they have their tail in the world first. The head goes out later.

28. Female Dolphins are called “Cows”, whereas the male Dolphins are called “Bulls”.

29. In 2014 the first two-faced Dolphins were founded on a beach in Turkey.

30. Dolphins, the sex are in navel from the navel.


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