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30 Facts About Elephants


1. The elephants don’t rest and rest simply in the wake of standing.

2. Puberty (time of sex) in elephants as a rule comes to age 13 or 14 years.

3. An elephant can smell the odor of water at a distance of 4.5 km.

4. Elephants sleep very little in the daytime. Just more than 4 hours.

5. The elephant is a single animal which can not jump and has four knees.

6. The need for every elephant is different, like the voice of humans.

7. If an elephant gets hurt, the other elephant does help him.

8. If an elephant of a herd dies, then the whole herd celebrates hilarious and weirdly.

9. Elephants prefer to be clean every day.

10. Elephants can also bear a small coin dropped on their fur with a spell. Elephants can also do art by holding the brush with their trunk.

11. So far, different fossils found in the world have shown that about 5 million years ago, about 170 species of elephants were developed. These fossils have been found in all continents except for Australasia and Antarctica.

12. Female elephant gives birth to a child every 4 years. Its incubation period is up to a normal of 22 months. In 1 percent of cases, twin babies are born. The length of the newly born elephant is roughly 83 cm and weighing 112 kg.

13. Affective female elephants have 22 months of pregnancy.

14. Even after having such a large ear, the elephant’s listening equation is low.

15. The ears of Afrikan elephants grow larger than Indian elephants.

16. You have always seen that elephants shake their ears throughout the day, have you ever wondered why? Actually, the elephant leaves the heat of its giant body through the ears. This work is done by elephant ear cells. This is the reason why the elephants of Africa are very big, because there is so much heat there.

17. Young Afrikan elephant weighs around 6,160 kg and Indian elephants up to 5000 kg.

18. The average life span of elephants is like 70 years of human life.

19. Elephants usually walk about 6 kilometers per hour.

20. Elephants can swim in water for a long time.

21. Elephants spend only 16 hours a day on food.

22. Elephants eat 120 kg of food in about a day.

23. Female elephants live in very large shrines, led by an old female elephant.

24. The male elephants leave the shrimp between the ages of 12 to 15 years.

25. The elephants have the largest brain in animals.

26. The child of an elephant often chooses his head for comfort.

27. Elephants are also left-handed like humans.

28. The skin of an elephant is thicker than one inch.

29. The elephant’s side is attached to the upper lip and nose.

30. Elephants also use their feet to listen. When elephants walk, a special type of vibration is produced in the ground. Elephants learn about other elephants with this vibration.

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