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25 Interesting Facts About Mobile Phones

25 Interesting Facts About Mobile Phones
25 Interesting Facts About Mobile Phones

Hello Friends, In this post, I will tell you some interesting facts about mobile that you would love. Today the mobile user is constantly increasing and that day is not far away, but the primary needs of the person will be added to the mobile with roti, fabric and house. Without it, we cannot envision life. Here I am posting information about interesting facts about mobile. Some of these amazing facts will surprise you.

This post has about 25 interesting facts about mobile, which you must know as a mobile user. If you like these interesting facts, do not forget to share. So let’s know some amazing facts.

25 Interesting Facts

1. 80 out of 100 people in the world use mobile.

2. In 1973 the first mobile phone was made in the US. This was Motorola’s company.

3. On April 3, 1973, the first call on Mobile Phone was by Martin Cooper. Martin Cooper was an employee of Motorola Company.

4. The first message from Mobile was sent by Neil Popworth, which stated – Merry Christmas.

5. In 1997, the first photo from Mobile Phone was taken by Philippe Kahan (camera phone explorer).

6. The Nokia-1100 mobile phone is the best-selling phone (250 million sales). It is also a record.

7. 70 percent of mobile phones are made in China.

8. In the UK more than 100,000 mobile phones fall into the toilet every year.

9. In Japan, 90% of people use waterproof mobile phones.

10. 49% of the world’s people use their Mobile Phone to play a game and 30% use it for social networking.

11. 90% of the people who use mobile phones in the world read text messages on phone within 3 minutes.

12. A man makes Mobile Phone Unlock more than 100 times in a day.

13. In 2012, the world largest company APPLE sold 4 Mobile per day in 3 seconds to 340,000 mobile.

14. Mobile radiation can cause insomnia, confusion, headaches.

15. People in the world have more mobile phone than a toilet.

16. 99% of mobile malware (software to steal malware-confidential information) target Android user. That is, you use an Android phone, you should also be aware of its security.

17. Throwing Mobile Phone is the official game of Finland.

18. In Malaysia, divorce can be given by sending a text message to your partner. It is legally valid.

19. In 2015, there were deaths while taking self-life more than the shark attack.

20. 18 times more bacteria than the toilet handle occurs on mobile phone.

21. The world’s most expensive iPhone 5 was worth 15 million US dollars. It was made of 135 grams of 24 grams of carat gold and the chassis was brought with 600 white diamonds.

22. 9% of Americans used their phones during sex and 12% of the people in the shower used it.

23. 61% of Americans say that they do text while driving.

24. Charging your smartphone costs less than $ 1 a year.

25. In Malaysia, it is legal to divorce your partner through text message.

This are some facts about mobile phone that most of the people don’t know and mobile phone is becoming a basic need know a day and no one can live without mobile phone, but more use of mobile phone is harmful so use it in a proper way.


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