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25 Interesting Facts About Apple Company

interesting facts about apple company
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Apple Company founder Steve Jobs employed himself on his own company for the last 15 years, only 1 Dollar as Salary, and despite this, he had more than total Capital 7 Billion Dollars.

Though Apple Company’s foundation was laid by Steve Jobs, it was also one time that Steve Jobs was himself expelled from his company.

so here are some interesting facts about apple company.


1. Apple Company was founded on Fool’s Day (idiot day) i.e. On 1 April 1976.

2. Apple is the biggest contributor to Apple’s creation because every third Apple employee is Indian.

3. All employees of Apple’s headquarter earn $ 8422431.25 per year.

4. The Apple Company earns Rs. 20176635.00 every 1 minute.

5. There is a very interesting fact that Apple Computer has any problem with smoking in its system and its warranty is over.

6. Every advertisement of the Apple iPhone is shown in the timeline of 9:41, because it is time to launch, Apple iPhone, and since then all Apple Gadgets have shown time of 9:41.

7. Apple iPad’s Retina Display is made by Samsung Company.

8. Apple Macbook’s Battery can also save you from a gunshot because it is a Battery, Bullet Proof.

9. Apple’s total earnings in the first quarter of 2014 were more than the sum of the total earnings of Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

10. Apple’s first logo was Newton’s picture, and Apple’s product name was also Newton.

11. At Apple, Steve Jobs became Multimillionaire only at the age of 25.

12. If you use iTunes (App Store), then you agree that you will not use Apple products to make nuclear weapons.

13. Apple is a company that does not need any advertising to sell its product because its products are sold before it arrives in the market.

14. Apple started Steve Jobs, in his home garage for only $ 1300.

15. Apple Company’s first product was an Apple-1 Computer. To make Apple-1 a success, the responsibility of Technology and Design, Wozniak and Market’s Responsibility, was with Steve Jobs.

16. To meet Apple-1’s orders, Steve Jobs and his partner Wozniak also sold their home furnishings, including Steve Jobs’s Volsvegn Van.

17. Apple is the world’s most valuable company, whose value is 612 Billion, which is approximately Rs 41 lakh crore.

18. Apple is the only company that has made the most mobile after Samsung.

19. Apple’s third logo was changed in 1998 by Steve Jobs to design Apple with Byte, so that she could eat and look different from the fruit.

20. Apple sold around 3 Lakh 40 Thousand Mobile every day in 2014.

21. Apple earns about 25 to 30 Million Rupees per minute.

22. If Apple’s iPhone is fully charged once a day, then only 50 rupees per year consumes electricity.

23. All of Apple’s iPhone uses 0.034 Grams Gold and 0.34 Grams Silver.

24. Like Google’s Play Store, Apple also has its own App Store. Every year, many people download many types of apps from the Apple Store.

25. Apple’s founder Steve Jobs was fired in 1986 by himself from Apple, which was the most tragic event in his life.

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