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25 Interesting And Amazing Facts About Sea


Since ancient times, people have been busy trying to travel to the sea and to know its mysteries. By the way, you must have read about the sea or seen it from the northeast, but the information we are giving to you is hardly read anywhere. Let’s get some interesting and interesting facts about the sea.


1. There is a place in the Atlantic Ocean called the Bermuda Triangle.

2. In the past 100 years in the Bermuda Triangle, many aircraft and vessels have become mysteriously invisible.

3. About 1000 people have been missing in the Bermuda Triangle.

4. According to scientific theory, the origin of life on earth was first in the ocean.

5. One gram of gold is found in 13 billion pieces of water a liter of water.

6. Along with the scientists, we know more about the moon, but know less about the sea.

7. We are only aware of only 5 per cent of the sea. 95 percent of the ocean is still anonymous to us. The ocean has hidden large secrets inside it.

8. Amazing creatures, rare plants and shocking bacteria are present in the womb of the ocean.

9. Scientists say that more than 2 lakh species of living organisms vary in the oceans.

10. About 35,000 species of bacteria, 5 thousand of viruses, and 1.5 million new species of one cellular plant have been discovered in the sea water.

11. Fish is considered to be the main organism of the sea. The sea is full of fish.

12.Thousands of such things are found in the sea like shellfish, pearls, coral, oil, gas, caps, algae, fish etc. Which human being harnesses.

13. The Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean in the world. Its average depth is 3939 meters. Its maximum depth of the Mariana Trench is 10900 meters.

14. Dead Sea is the only sea in the world which spreads in the lowest place. It is 48 miles long and eleven miles wide.

15. The world’s largest ocean is the South China Sea, with an area of 29,74,600 square kilometers.

16. In order to know the direction in the sea, the sun and stars were initially used.

17. In 2011, a Mysterious object was found at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. It is believed that there are magical powers, due to which the divers equipment stopped working around it. Many people believe that it is a space ship of space creatures, which fell into the sea after the accident.

18. The Dead Sea is the only sea in the world whose water is approximately 6-7 times higher than 33.7 percent of the saline and heavy water from other seas.

19. If the sea water was not saline, then the hot region became hot and the cold region and the more cold

20. If the sea water was sweet, then the monsoon did not rise from the Bay of Bengal and did not take the path of North India.

21. According to the scientist, today’s scientist has understood something about the universe, but the information of the sea is very little.

22. The study of scientific marine is called oceanography.

23. Sea science began with the adventures of Captain James Cook between 1768 and 1779 on the Pacific Ocean exploration.

24. The sea is spread over more than 70 percent of the Earth’s surface.

25. The specialty of the sea water is saline.


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