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20 Interesting Information About Peacocks


1. Two different species of peacocks are found in the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia along with it. The peacocks found in the Indian subcontinent are called blue or Indian peacocks, whereas the peacocks found in Southeast Asia are called green peacocks.

2. The color of peacock, except blue and green can be white, purple and even gray.

3. The Indian Government gave it the status of the National Bird on January 26, 1963 due to the wonderful beauty of peacocks. Blue peacocks are the national bird of India, whereas the national bird of our neighboring country Myanmar is the gray peacock.

4. In Hinduism, the peacock has a high status. The peacock’s feather in the crown of Lord Shri Krishna shows the importance of this bird.

5. India’s largest empire of history also used to be the national symbol of the Maurya Empire. The coins which were used in the kingdom of Chandragupta Maurya were made of peacock on either side.

6. The Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan, who was sitting on the plank, was also like a peacock. Between the two peacocks was the throne of the king and behind the feathers spread the peacock. This casket was called Takht-e-Tawus. Taus is the Arabic word, which is used for peacocks.

7. Finding a peacock’s penis is very easy. The crest on the head of the male peacock is larger in size, whereas the female’s peacock’s crest is smaller.

8. Peacock feathers are much more famous. But it is found only in male peacocks. Fingers on a peacock tail can have feathers up to 150 counts.

9. During the rainy season in the year, i.e. In the month of August all peacocks feathers fall. But before the summer comes, these feathers come out again.

10. The average life span of peacocks is between 10 to 25 years.

11. The peacock’s scientific name is Pavo cristatus.

12. This bird is called Peafowl in English. Peacock to the male peacock while the female peacock is called Peahen.

13. The peacock is an omnivorous bird that can eat grass, leaves, gram and wheat from insects and snakes.

14. Peacocks are a friendly bird of peasants. It consumes insects, rats, lizards, termites and snakes from the fields. But peacocks also eat it by seeing steep red chilies in the fields, thereby causing little damage to the farmers.

15. Peacocks prefer to live in forests, but the discovery of food brings it to the human population.

16. Peacock does not make any kind of special nest or house like other birds to stay.

17. Female peacocks can give eggs twice a year. The number of eggs in one can be from 4 to 8.

18. The piglets mostly lay in the pits. It can take 25 to 30 days to get the eggs from the eggs.

19. Twenty-fours take three to four years to grow, but very few children get older, because before that dogs and other animals eat them.

20. Peacocks like leopards and leopards appear to hide in the trees as soon as the danger appears.

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