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17 Great Facts About Mars


Mars is the fourth and the seventh planet from the Sun. Its average distance from the Sun is about 22.77 million kilometers. The diameter of this planet is approximately 6,794 kilometers. Tells you interesting facts about this planet.

1. The Unani people call Mars a ‘Ares’ and consider it to be the god of war. Perhaps this name has been given to Mars due to the red color.

2. Due to the rust of iron mineral in the soil of Mars, it looks red.

3. The orbit around Mars’s Sun is long (oval). Due to this, there is a difference of 30 degrees Celsius between the distance from the Sun to the distance and the adjacent point of the Sun in the temperature of Mars.

4. According to the information given by Yano sent to Mars, the surface of Mars is quite old and filled with craters. Be that as it may, there are additionally some new valleys, slopes and levels. (The crater is called a round or almost round shape cot on any celestial object.)

5. Clear evidence of the flow of any fluid on the surface of Mars has been found. The possibility of fluid water is more than other liquid substances. The figures given by Yano sent to Mars are clear that there may be large lakes or oceans on Mars.

6. The largest mountain in the solar system is on Mars. The name has been given to him was Olympus Mons and it is 24 kilometers high.

7. The average temperature of Mars is 55 degrees Celsius. The temperature of its surface varies from 27 degrees Celsius to 133 degrees Celsius.

8. The diameter of the Mars is almost half the diameter of the earth, but the land available on Mars is equal to the land available on earth.

9. One day on Mars is slightly more than 24 hours a day. One year of Mars equals 687 days of Earth, that is, approximately 23 months in length.

10. The poles of Mars have water and carbon dioxide ice layer. In the summer of the Northern Hemisphere, the layer of carbon dioxide melts and leaves only the water ice. Mars Express, who has been hanging in the orbit of Mars, has seen it happen in the southern Golarth. There is a possibility of water ice in other places on Mars.

11. As the satellite of our earth is the moon, in the same way Mars has two satellites – Phobos and Demos. The size of Phobos is larger than the demo.

12. If a person weighs 100 kg on earth, then due to low gravity on Mars, only 37 kilograms will be left. The gravity of the satellite Phobos of Mars is only one thousandth of the Earth’s gravitational. The person weighing 100 kg on earth will weigh 100 grams on Phobos.

13. Phobos is the shortest satellite from the planet in the entire solar system. Its distance from Mars’s surface is just 6000 kilometers, whereas the distance between our earth and moon is approximately 3 lakh 84 thousand kilometers.

14. Even Phobos, the second satellite in Mars, is larger than the demo but still it is calculated in the smallest satellites of the solar system. The average diameter of Phobos is 22.2 kilometers and the demo is only 12.6 kilometers.

15. The Unani people regard Phobos as the son of Venus. Phobos’ meaning in the Greek language is’ fear ‘. The word Phoebe is made up of Phobos. Greek people consider this satellite to be ‘the god of fear’.

16. Phobos satellites occur in the sky of Mars, two times in a day.

17. Phobos rose more than 1.8 m in every 100 years. For this reason, in the next 50 million years, it will collide into Mars’s surface or break down into pieces around Mars.


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