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16 Interesting Facts about Planet Mercury

16 Interesting Facts about Planet Mercury
Planet Mercury
Planet Mercury

Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun. It is the smallest of all planets in the Solar System and also the lowest in terms of weight.

1. Mercury has three days in the planet’s two years. That is, Mercury revolves around three times its axis in orbit around the Sun. Until 1962, it was trusted that the season of one day of Mercury and one year is equivalent.

2. Mercury is on the orbital path orbiting the Sun. Its nearest distance to the Sun is about 460 million kilometers, while the maximum distance is approximately 7 million kilometers.

3. The environment of the planet Mercury is not stable. There is no exception layer of airs around it. Because of the slightest nuclear, solar wind due to its very high heat, due to the very hot summer, they fly into the space soon enough. Because of this, its environment is not stable.

4. The mercury’s surface is rugged and there are many craters on the surface. Some huts are very big, hundreds of kilometers long and long for three kilometers deep.

5. Mercury, planet orbits all the other planets at a rapid pace, about 1 million 80 thousand kilometers per hour. The earth moves with a speed of approximately 1, 70, 000 kilometers per hour. If the matter is done in seconds, Mercury travels 47.362 kilometers in a second and the earth is 29.78 kilometers.

6. Mercury is the most dense object after Earth. Mercury’s density is 5.43 gm / cm3 while the Earth is 5.51 gm / cm3. Mercury is 26 times smaller than Earth. Scientists estimate that despite being so small from the Earth, so much density indicates that the center of Mercury is made of iron like the center of the Earth and its iron center will be larger than the Earth’s Iron Center.

7. There is a huge difference in temperature and night temperature during Mercury day. The mercury’s temperature reaches to 450 ° C while the night temperature lasts anywhere below -1 ° C to -176 ° C.

8. Mercury is smaller in satellites ‘Saturn’ (Titan) and Jupiter (Ganymede) satellites ‘Ganmeed’ in the shape of the planet. By the way Pluto is smaller than Mercury, but now scientists do not consider Pluto to be a planet, it has been given the status of Dwarf Planet.

9. If the planet Mercury is to be seen with the naked eye, then it can be seen right before sunrise and right after sunset.

10. The people of ancient Rome called Mercury the Messengers of Gods because it moves very rapidly in space.

11. The Mercury name is named after the name of a Roman god named Mercury. But who discovered it and when? Nobody knows about this.

12. The first mention of Mercury in history was done by people of Sumary civilization 5000 years ago.

13. The first person to see the planet Mercury through a telescope was the great scientist Galileo Galilei.

14. Mercury has no satellite or round ring because its gravitational force is very weak.

15. If your weight on Earth is 100 kg then on mercury it will be 38 kg.

16. When Mercury is closest to the Sun, then if you stand on it and look at the Sun, then the sun will look three times its size more than its size.


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