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15 Important Information Related To Dinosaurs


Dinosaur, as soon as we hear the word, picture of a big animal comes to our mind. You should be amazed to realize that today, a large number of years prior, these enormous creatures were the main guideline over the entire earth. It was the owner of the whole earth at that time.

Today we will tell you many interesting and informative facts about these big animals, which are called dinosaurs. If you like these things, then definitely share it with your friends.

1. Scientists believe that dinosaurs ruled the earth for nearly 15 million years. It is just 0.1% of the total time of human history.

2. The word ‘Dinosour’ comes from the ancient Greek language, meaning Terrible Lizard. For the dinosaurs, this word was used by British paleontologist Richard Owen from 1842.

3. Dinosaurs in Hindi are called Bhimsarat, which means meaningful lizards in Sanskrit.

4. Scientists believe the end of the dinosaurs was due to a 10-meter meteorite, which collapsed 6.5 million years ago from Paninsula in Mexico and there was a great devastation on Earth. The whole sky was covered with ash for many years, due to which all the big dogs of the large size of animals were eliminated from the earth. Although species of animals such as sharks, jellyfish, fish, scorpions, birds, insects, snakes, turtles, lizards, and crocodiles survived in this catastrophe.

5. The fossils found out about 2468 species of dinosaurs have been discovered. Scientists believe that there will be thousands of species of dinosaurs today, 65 million years ago.

6. Dinosaur’s largest fossil discovered 27 meters long, which was found in the US state of Wyoming.

7. If the history of earth is divided in 24 hours, then life began on four baz (4AM) in the morning, at 10:24 pm the trees began to grow on the ground, at 11:41 pm the life of dinosaurs began And at 11:58:43 PM, human history began.

8. The skeletons of dinosaurs have been found on every continent of the world, but it is worth keeping in mind that all the continents of the Earth at that time were far less than one another.

9. The sound of shouting dinosaurs in the film ‘Jurassic Park’ was voiced from Recordings of Turtle Sex.

10. It is not that the dinosaurs were large – large animals, the remains of small dinosaurs, which were found in many insects, were found in insects.

11. Dinosaurs sometimes used to eat stone pieces. These pieces used to grind food in their stomach.

12. Some farmers in central China used to carry medicines from the bones of dinosaurs because they believed that they were dragons bones.

13. The period in which dinosaurs lived in the Earth is called the Mesozoic (middle life) Era. There are three parts in front of Mesozoic Era – Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous (Cretaceous).

14. The scientist is not unanimous on the idea that how long dinosaurs had won. Some scientists believe their lifespan depends on their species, some large species live for 200 years.

15. The country of South America has a limestone rock in Bolivia on which there are more than 5 thousand footprints of dinosaurs. It is said to be approximately 60 million 80 million years old.


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