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10 Mysterious And Interesting Facts Of The Universe


It is our universe, our universe is eternal. To get the full life or complete writing about the universe and to understand it completely, we are not talking about human beings, but as much as the Universe, the same is filled with unique secrets.

Today, when you look at the sky, then this idea will come in mind that what is in the universe? What will happen in it? What’s more, there is a craving to find out about our universe. Sue told us this universe, secretive and fascinating detail.


1. There is nothing stagnant in the universe. It means that whatever is in the universe, everything is dynamic. There is also dynamic with dynamic. The moon turns around our earth, the earth revolves around the sun, and the sun keeps going round the whole universe with the Mandakini, which is called the Milky Way.

2. The Mandakini Galaxy also keeps pace in space. There are millions of galaxies in the universe like our galaxy. But the scientists have discovered and discovered that the nearest galaxy of our galaxy is “Devyani”. Our galaxy moves at a speed of 552 km / second in the universe and at this speed our galaxy Mandakini will be hit with Devyani galaxy after the Arab world.

3. As per a 2002 research, Hubble Space Telescope has identified the most established stars in our cosmic system, based on which the universe is evaluated to be between 13 to 14 billion years. Scientists searched for the very small and extinguished stars of the galaxy in a herd of stars that eroded away 7,000 light years away. In light of the present temperature of these doused stars, researchers determined that they would have been brought into the world 13 billion years back. The principal universe was accepted to be 15 billion years of age.

4. According to the discovery of the scientists, a planet in the constellation of space is about three times larger than the Earth, and this planet is made of diamond, which is 55 cancri e. The power of our hearing in the space becomes weak because it is necessary to have the wind to reach the sound from one place to another, which is only on the earth and there is no atmosphere in space. Space is fully black and desolate. That is why we cannot hear any kind of space in the space. Astronauts use radio waves to connect with each other.

5. The universe was not nearly 14 billion years ago, it was only darkness. Suddenly a point originated. Then started pointing that point Then there was a terrible change in him. The explosion occurred within this point. Then there was a lot of potential energy from the mutual collision of protons. Blast Revenge in the Big Bang The universe was formed from these great explosions. Even today there are great explosions in the universe. In this way the universe is constantly spreading. This is the only big bang theory, which can be true to some extent.

6. There is a very vast ocean in the universe which is called the ocean of wine. It is only too much of ethyl alcohol (C2H6O). This is known as the Sagittarius B2 (Sgr B2), which is 390 light years away from the Milky way, which is approximately 150 trillion times more water than our Earth’s water. This water is stored in the form of H2o steam in the universe.

7. The footprints of travelers traveling to the moon will not disappear for about 100 million years, because there is no air of any kind on the moon nor any type of transit. But due to the metallic rotating metal in the space and the meteor mass that fall from space, only the signs of the moonlight can be erased.

8. One day on the planet, Lord 10 hours is there. Along with this, the universe is the largest house of our entire universe. The planet Earth revolves around 50,000 kilometers per hour.

9. Whenever the astronauts travel to space, they become 2 to 3 inches tall. The reason for this is that whenever a person goes into space, he gets away with gravitational force, and for this reason his joints of his bones become loose and he becomes straightforward.

10. Saturn’s ring is not visible from Earth in the 15-year period. Saturn’s ring can always be seen from Telescope but at a time when it is not possible to see Saturn’s ring also from Telescope. The reason for this is that when Saturn, the earth and its rings are in a straight line.



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