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10 Interesting And Amazing Facts About Blue Whale

10 Interesting And Amazing Facts About Blue Whale
10 Interesting And Amazing Facts About Blue Whale

Blue whales are probably one of the most spectacular creatures of this planet. His vast size and incredibly peaceful life surprise everyone, and for this reason he also gets respect for everyone. Although it is the largest creature in the world, it receives very little information about them and many things are practical or physical about them, so far is mysterious. We all know that the Blue Whale is a type of fish and its many species are found, such as Killer Whale, Sperm Whale, Beluga Whale, Blue Whale etc. In all of these, the blue whale is most important because it is currently the largest animal whose size is bigger than 8 males or an elephant. Let’s look at some interesting and awe-inspiring facts about this huge creature through this article.

10 Interesting And Amazing Facts About Blue Whale

1. Blue or blue whale is one of the largest species of the world, which is believed to have originated 5 million years ago. It can be up to 30 meters long and weighing up to 180 tons. If seen, the blue whale dinosaur skeleton is larger than the size of which is about 27 meters. Due to its large size body, it enjoys bouncing in the water and prevents them from falling under their weight.

2. Do you know that the tongue of a blue whale is equal to an African forest elephant and his heart is at least one golf carriage size. The beating of their heart can be heard from two miles away.

3. The most surprising thing is that no whale can breathe water. They have a hole in their head, with the help of which they can breathe. When it flows out of the water, it breathes with the help of a hole. Blue whales can prevent its breath for 35 minutes to 2 hours.

4. Lou Whale can consume 500 kilograms of krill or small fish in a single cuff and get five lakh calories from it. That is, it can eat food from 4 tons to 6 tons. He keeps the energy of food safe, which can be eaten for about 200 days without eating.

5. When the blue whale gives birth to the baby, then their child weighs around 2.5 tons, their weight increases 8 pounds per hour and increases at a rate of 1.5 inches per day. This baby drinks 200 to 300 liters of milk every day of her mother. The life span of the blue whale is 70 to 90 years.

6. Compared to body parts of other organisms, the brain of the blue whale is very small and its weight is only 6.92 kilograms, which is 0.007 percent of its body weight. The most unusual thing is that the blue whale cannot sleep for 90 days. While sleeping, his brain keeps awake half and sleeps half.

7. Do you know that there were 239,000 blue whales alone in Antarctica? In 1864, due to the invention of explosive harpoons and due to continuous prey, they began to become extinct till the end of the 20th century. Now, only 10,000 to 25,000 species of them live in the world.

8. Blue whales are the most powerful animals in the world. They can hear each other’s voice 1000 miles away. That is, one thousand miles can call each other. He takes a lot of melodious voice to call his colleagues.

9. The blue whale’s neck is quite flexible, which can rotate round while floating. They have two heads at the end of their tail, which help them to swim. It can swim at 46 kilometers per hour.

10. Blue whales are solitary creatures, unlike other whales, the Blue Whale travels alone or alone in groups. Central California is the world’s largest center of the Blue Whale in the United States. There are about 2,000 whales found.



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